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All TeddyGruBears are designed and 100% Handmade by Australian Teddybear Artist -Michelle Gruber.


"TeddyGruBears and Friends are made for the discerning Teddy Bear collector, whether it be adding to a collection, or giving somebody a perfect keepsake gift to be treasured forever."


Michelle is an Australian Teddy bear Artist, now living in Cork, Ireland.


She is a Registered Member of the DCCI (Design and Craft Council of Ireland), as well as a Member of the CCD (Cork Craft and Design Group).

TeddyGruBear has been published in German magazine "BarReport", and the English / USA Publication "Teddy bear Times".


TeddyGruBears are sold Worldwide (online), in English Teddybear and Toy Auctions (online), and Michelle (TeddyGruBear) appears regularly in International Teddybear shows and exhibitions.

All TeddyGruBears are OOAK, 100% Handmade including hand sewn (not a sewing machine in sight!) - using only the finest materials (Steiff fabric) - Pure Mohair, Alpaca and Silk fabric / fur, traditionally made, jointed and filled, OOAK individual designed creations.

I use the very best materials I can find to make the best Teddybears and Friends possible.

🐻 Steiff Schulte PURE Silk, Alpaca and Mohair fabric used.

🐑 Pure Sheep wool or pure Alpaca wool for stuffing (occasionally using some weights <stainless steel or glass granulate> )

👁 Glass eyes to look out from! Antique lace, ribbon and clothing.......

🐰 All creations are 5 way Cotter jointed - head, arms and legs - just like the old fashioned bears!

🐻🐇🦊 I am available to do commissions

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