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Customer Care

Dear Teddybear "aficionado"

Thank you for visiting and / or purchasing your very own TeddyGruBear.

Rest assured, you have selected a design of which is 100% HANDMADE and hand sewn, made of the finest Teddy bear making materials possible.

Every TeddyGruBear and Friend starts their "life" as a drawing, and winds up as a OOAK designer Teddybear or Friend.


  • Traditionally hand sewn, hand filled (Excelsior - wood wool), pure sheep wool, pure alpaca wool, mohair, alpaca or silk "leftovers".

  • Cotter jointed - using wood and metal discs and pins.

  • Hand embroidered features.

  • Glass eyes

  • Additional antique fabrics or clothes or jewelry (brooches etc)


Some have wire armature and can be posed, some have a little granulate in their tummy giving a sturdier feel or balance, and some are made to just sit and look at you lovingly!

Please sign up to my TeddyGruBear Member site, to take advantage of all "specials" and "sales", plus any information regarding new designs and releases - be the first to have the "buy now" option on special OOAK TeddyGruBears.

Again, thank you for your custom, and I look forward to hearing from you directly.

Much Joy

Michelle Gruber


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